The Alagnak River has long been renowned as one of the finest sport fishing rivers in Alaska, and is home to strong runs of all five species of Pacific salmon, which is unusual even in Alaska.

For much of our summer season there are two or three species of salmon in the river at one time. Most of our salmon fishing takes place within a ten minute boat ride of the lodge either downriver or upriver, our location for salmon fishing is ideal, we don’t waste time traveling to the fish.

The five species of salmon add a lot of variety to the fishery. King salmon prefer to stay in the deeper water, and most of the king fishing takes place from the boat using a variety of techniques and either gear or fly. The other salmon will run the edges of the many sandbars or stay close to the banks, and are targeted mostly with fly but also spinning gear. There are many opportunities to wade if that is your preference.

 Why We Have So Many Salmon

The Alagnak River is one of the few rivers in the world combining the key components which are critical to being an ongoing successful spawning grounds for all the types of Pacific Salmon. There are  minimal outside pollutants, the whole watershed is protected by the National Park Service. The groundwater exchange throughout most of the watershed creates high-quality salmon habitat. Salmon rely on clean, cold water flowing over and upwelling and downwelling through porous gravels for spawning, egg incubation and rearing. The two large lakes act as a nutrient rich nursery for maturing fry. The streams and rivers of the watershed contain abundant wetlands and small ponds which contribute to groundwater recharge which in turn helps to moderate water temperatures and stream flows. All this makes the Alagnak River a very special place for salmon.


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“Being from South Texas-we had little expectations of what salmon fishing was all about. My stay at the Alagnak Lodge exceeded expectations! Great guide (who taught me the significant techniques), wonderful lodge staff and better than average accommodations. Would do this trip again. Thanks.”
Craig from TX