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Alagnak River Fish Calendar

Our fishing calendar will help you decide when to visit the Alagnak Lodge. The five species of salmon run at different times, but with overlap. For a variety of salmon species, consider the month of July or early August. Please note that the calendar is for Alagnak River salmon only. Pink salmon only run on even years. Salmon runs are subject to yearly variations, so the calendar below is for guideline only.

June    July    August    September




















Chinook (King)  

Sockeye (Red)


Humpback (Pink)

Coho (Silver)  

Best fishing


Please note that Pink Salmon are only available on even years.

rainbow, caught on mouse.jpg June

The fishing season on the Alagnak River opens in June, but with salmon not arriving until the end of the month, we focus mostly on flyouts. Our Early Season Flyout Special, with 5 flyouts included in a week package, offers the chance to take advantage of the excellent rainbow fishing opportunities in Katmai National Park. Fishing on the Alagnak in June is limited to the native stream fish. At this time they are feeding aggressively after surviving the harsh Alaskan winter. June offers the best dry fly fishing of the season for both rainbow trout and grayling. This is also the best time to try and catch big rainbows on mouse patterns. As warm weather melts the mountain snow, millions of salmon smolt are flushed out to sea, causing streamer patterns to work very effectively as well. Our June fishery is limited to 12 rods.

As the end of June approaches, sockeyes begin to flood the lower river. They are the first of the five salmon species to arrive, and are followed quickly by the first kings. Our focus switches to the Alagnak during the month of July...

king salmon 1.jpg July

July on the Alagnak River is all about the mighty king salmon, but don't forget the chums and sockeyes as well. During the second week, chums begin to enter the river, and you will have the opportunity to fish three different species. Rainbows and grayling can usually still be found upriver during the first week of the month, but clear out quickly as the first salmon make their way up.

The mid part of the month from around July 4th to July 20th offers the best of the king fishing, the latter part of the month is the peak of the chum run.

During the final days of the month, as the king run draws to a close, the first catch of silver salmon is usually made. This overlap is your opportunity for the elusive grand slam, to catch all five species of salmon in one week, but remember, the pinks are only in the river on even years.

silver salmon 2.jpg August

As August begins, the early silvers are coming into the river, mixed in with schools of chum salmon, and on even years, large numbers of pink salmon. Moving into the second week, the silvers become more prevalent as their run strengthens and the chum run slows down, but look out for those big male chums that come in at the end of the run.

rainbow-late season.jpg As we move further into August, our focus is split between the silver fishing on the Alagnak River, and flyouts. Our Late Season Flyout Special includes 3 flyouts within a week package. Flyouts give you the chance to go after large rainbows, grayling, and char. The peak of the silver run on the Alagnak is less predictable than for other salmon, so flyouts also give the opportunity of silver fishing elsewhere. A boat ride upriver is also highly recommended at this time, where a combination of salmon and native stream fish can be found. The overall combination of silver salmon and rainbow fishing makes for a fly fisherman's paradise during the latter part of August. 
sockeye salmon.jpg Late season flyout action - the sight of thousands of sockeye salmon packed into a small stream to spawn is one of natures great spectacles. It also presents the chance to fish for big rainbow trout, who eagerly anticipate their annual feast of salmon eggs.

The Alagnak Lodge enjoys an excellent location on the Alagnak River. We are in the prime position to catch salmon the first day they enter the river system, and also have the opportunity to run upriver and fish for rainbows and grayling. The above guidelines tell you when we expect each salmon species to enter the river, as well as when we expect the best fishing for the native stream fish. Fishing in Alaska is the same as anywhere else, in that it is affected by many factors such as water levels, tides, weather etc. All the species of fish are migratory, salmon obviously enter the rivers and move upstream to spawn, but trout too can travel several miles or more per day in the search for food. Occasionally, when the fishing in the river slows down, it will become necessary to flyout to where the fish are and catch the action in other parts of the Bristol Bay watershed.

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