In Bristol Bay, the fish are tough, they have to be to survive, so it’s important to have high quality equipment.




The lodge provides the fishing equipment for your visit, for the kings we use drift rods with heavy-duty bait casting reels, and we have spinning rods for the other salmon. We also have a selection of fly rods and reels, waders and wading boots. A fully-stocked fly tying bench is provided at the lodge for you to tie flies. If you would like to tie some flies before coming to Alaska, please visit our Alaska Fly Patterns page.

The information below will be helpful if you prefer to bring your own fly rods and reels:



Rod: 9-11 weight
Reel: High quality with dependable disc drag system, min. 200 yards of 30lb backing
Line: 24ft, 300-400 grain sink tip. Shooting head systems are also popular.
Spey Rod: 12.5 to 14ft; 9 or 10 weight
Spey Reel: Min. 100 yards of 30lb backing
Spey Line: Skagit belly line with 300-400 grain sink tip

Silvers, Chum, Sockeyes, Pinks

Rod: 8.5 or 9ft, 8-9 weight
Reel: Single action with good drag system
Line: Floating lines and 13ft sinking tip Type III lines are most productive
Spey Rod: 12.5 to 14ft; 8 weight
Spey Line: Windcutter type line or full floating Skagit line

Rainbows, Grayling

Rod: 8.5 or 9ft, 5-7 weight
Reel: Single action with min. 75 yards of 20lb backing
Line: 13ft Type V sink tip for streamer, sculpin or leech patterns. Weight forward floater (dry) for dead drifting dry flies and egg patterns, skated dry flies, and deer hair mice.

Please contact us if you have any questions about equipment.


Alaska Trip Checklist:

• Warm jacket
• Rain gear (top and bottom)
• Layered clothing
• Thermal underwear
• Waders and wading boots
• Gloves
• Hat
• Polarized sunglasses
• Fishing equipment
• Medicines
• Camera
• Alcohol/tobacco
• Cooler
• Fishing License
• Checks or cash
• Prepaid calling card