Planning Your Fishing Trip to Alaska and the Bristol Bay Region

Being a remote Alaska wilderness fishing lodge certainly has its advantages, but it comes with inconveniences too, if you leave something behind, it’s not so easy to run to the store and pick up a replacement! It is important to be well prepared for your trip.

Being Prepared!

When we talk about our fishing packages being all-inclusive, this begins at home, and we will assist with all aspects of your trip planning, including any help you need with your travel arrangements from your home to the lodge.

This page will also make sure that you have the right clothes and equipment for the Alaskan wilderness, and are well prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.




Outfitting Your Alaska Fishing Adventure



Comfort and practicality are important considerations. Weather in Alaska is both unpredictable and changeable; many weeks will have a combination of hot sunny days as well as cooler wet days, and daytime temperature can range from the low 50s to high 70s. Dress in layers and be prepared to add or shed layers to keep yourself comfortable. High quality rain gear (jacket and pants) is essential and should be carried at all times, even on seemingly nice days. Gloves are recommended.

Laundry service is available at the lodge, which can help keep down the amount of clothing you need to bring. We ask that you use soft type luggage (duffel, etc.) since they are to maneuver in and out of the float planes.


Waders will allow you to get out of the boat and fish many of the sandbars near the lodge. Gore-tex chest waders are a popular choice, with something warm to wear underneath. Please note that felt-soled waders and wading boots are not allowed in Alaska. Please make sure that wading boots are non-studded, studs are not necessary and can damage the boats and float plane pontoons. Hip waders are of limited use and are not recommended. The lodge has several pairs of high quality waders and wading boots that you are welcome to use, however we cannot guarantee availability of sizes, especially for boots.

Alaska Fishing Equipment

We provide all the conventional tackle used for catching king salmon, and spinning rods suitable for the other fish species. We also have a selection of fly rods to supplement the equipment you bring with you. Our equipment page goes into more detail of recommended fly fishing equipment. The lodge provides all lures. For the fly fisherman, we have a fully stocked fly tying bench for you to use. If you would like to tie or purchase flies prior to your visit, please take a look at our fly patterns, and contact us if you have any questions. Polarized sunglasses are strongly recommended.


It’s well known that there are a few mosquitoes in Alaska, as well as no-see-ums and other flying bugs. Fortunately at our location, on many days the bugs are not bad at all, but on still days with no breeze they can be more of an issue. We suggest a good bug spray, and a head net is not a bad idea. On most days it will not be needed, but there may be times you are thankful for it!

Alcohol and Tobacco

Wine is served at the lodge with meals, please bring any beer or liquor with you, these items can easily be purchased in King Salmon upon arrival. Please ask the driver who meets you to stop at the store, which is across the street from the airport.


Many of our guests choose to take home some delicious wild Alaskan salmon; there is no better souvenir of your trip. We will prepare, vacuum-seal and freeze your fish, and pack it in insulated boxes for your journey home. Most guests take home the fish box as an extra piece of luggage on their flight. If you have an overnight stay or extended layover in Anchorage on the way home, there is cold storage at the airport, and most hotels in Anchorage will keep your fish box in their freezer as a courtesy.

If you have a longer journey home (East Coast) or have multiple connections, a popular option is to bring a small or mid-sized cooler with you. A cooler with provide better insulation to get your fish home in good condition. Up to 50 quarts in size is ideal, a 50 quart cooler will hold approximately 50lb of frozen fish. Please do not bring larger coolers as they may not fit inside float planes.


Alaska Trip Checklist:

• Warm jacket
• Rain gear (top and bottom)
• Layered clothing
• Thermal underwear
• Waders and wading boots
• Gloves
• Hat
• Polarized sunglasses
• Fishing equipment
• Medicines
• Camera
• Alcohol/tobacco
• Cooler
• Fishing License
• Checks or cash
• Prepaid calling card

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Alagnak Lodge pre-visit form

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