The famous Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska has long been considered a sportsman’s paradise, with thousands of square miles of pristine wilderness, much of it only accessible by float plane. On Bristol Bay fishing fly outs we target the native stream fish; trophy-size rainbow trout as well as arctic char and grayling. This fishing provides a perfect complement to the salmon fishing at the lodge.





Fly Outs Offered by Alagnak Lodge

Unlike many Alaskan lodges, we are fortunate to treat fly outs as an optional extra. However when you have traveled so far to the Alaskan wilderness, and when you consider some of the fantastic places accessible from the Alagnak Lodge by float plane, we encourage you to take your adventure a step further. Some of the fly outs are world famous trout streams, such as the Moraine Creek, while others are less well-known, and we’d like them to stay that way, so you won’t see them discussed here!

Bristol-Bay-Trophy-Rainbow-03Fly outs later in the summer are geared towards the spawning areas for sockeye salmon, the sockeye are the most numerous salmon, and vital to the ecosystem. When the sockeyes reach their spawning beds, they find bear, birds, and most importantly rainbow trout, all looking for a nutritious meal. The salmon have completed their final journey and will soon be dead, but their effort was not in vain as they plant the seeds of a new generation of fish and provide a vital food supply for several other species to survive the winter. As well as offering great fishing for rainbows, grayling and char, the late season fly outs give you a chance to witness nature at its best.

Brooks Falls and Katmai National Park

For most of our fly outs we venture into Katmai National Park and Preserve. As well as the wonderful fishing opportunities, Katmai is also famous for bear viewing. If you visit the lodge in July, consider a fly out to see the bears at Brooks Falls, one of nature’s great spectacles.

Each summer tens of millions of sockeyes return to the rivers of Bristol Bay and head inland to their spawning areas. For those heading to the streams above Lake Brooks, they face the additional challenge of ascending the Falls on the Brooks River, where dozens of bears congregate each summer to take advantage of an easy meal.


 Brooks Falls webcam at Katmai National Park



“Could not have selected a better place for my first trip to Alaska. The fishing was great, many, many chum, some very large rainbows; on the flyout to Big Creek many dolly’s, grayling and rainbows. Ken, my guide for the week always put us on the fish. Sometimes I wished he hook them for me. The staff were the best. Thanks to all for a wonderful trip. Weather-not one day of rain. Is it always this way?”
Robert from PA







 Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park