Fishing with the two-handed rod has gained tremendously in popularity over the last decade, and the lower Alagnak River is ideal water for Alaska spey fishing for salmon. The lower river offers big water well suited to longer casts.

Fishing Alaska with a Two-Handed Rod

Spey fishing was traditionally considered a solution to the problem of fishing in areas with limited or no backcast, and the advantages of spey casting were often overlooked. Now however, more anglers are seeing the advantages; the spey cast allows you to cover more water, gives better line control, and enables you to fish more efficiently. In particular when fishing kings, spey casts require less effort to fish with the weighted flies and heavy sinking lines required for getting down to fish that hold in deeper water than the other salmon species.


Most king salmon fishing takes place from the boat; our boats have both rear and front casting decks, so you can comfortably fish kings with the spey rod from the boat. The spey rod opens up more opportunity to wade fish for kings and there are a few good spots to do so, dependent on the tides. Other salmon can all be fished from the many sandbars in the lower Alagnak.

We have a number of guides who are proficient with the two-handed rod and can provide instruction to help you master the techniques. There is no better place to learn!